At Spotlight Power, we approach each energy management agreement with the goal of being strategic partners with our customers, serving as an extension to the market providing tailored services to ensure the effective and profitable management of their assets. In all instances, Spotlight will structure each arrangement specific to the needs of the project, mindful of the operational complexities within the markets they reside. Spotlight’s objective is to be viewed as part of our customer’s commercial and operational team as if you had your own internal energy management group.


Active in the wholesale gas markets since 2015, Spotlight Energy has a proven record of reliable gas delivery capabilities, moving on average 1.8 BCF/day nationally.

With regional expertise, Spotlight manages transport and capacity on over 75 pipelines. Spotlight’s commitment in securing this role as a reliable supplier of natural gas to our customers is maintained through the active investment in transportation and storage, thus providing the flexibility and reliability of delivering gas when needed, especially in illiquid locations.

Additionally, our strong desire to align our gas supply capabilities with our energy management strengths, further solidifies our goal of creating partnerships with our customers, affording the natural efficiencies that can be gained.

This physical presence provides balancing services across all nomination cycles, critical to the successful management of power plants. Our offering of around the clock responsiveness by our team of over 30 schedulers and traders, and our ability to provide access to over 350 counterparties, is a hallmark of this commitment.


With a primary focus on providing a full suite of high-touch EMA services, Spotlight Power will assign a dedicated energy manager, serving as a single point of contact and conduit to both the market and the broader Spotlight team.

The energy manager provides coordination of gas supply, market interface, daily optimization, reporting, and market intel in addition to the various other critical components of energy management. Of course, at all times the broader Spotlight team will be available to the project’s ownership and asset management team


As a partner in managing the complexities of the market, Spotlight will work with each of our customers in developing tailored risk management strategies in concert with their existing risk control functions to ensure the complete oversight of their projects.


Spotlight has both in house regulatory support, in addition to some of the market’s best regulatory and market design consultants available on an as needed basis.

In maintaining our commitment to stay abreast of market rule changes, Spotlight will provide standing meetings to discuss the impact of these changes to the asset.

Additionally, Spotlight’s current energy managers and real time personnel are all PJM certified, well versed in tariffs and business practices manuals. This effort will be maintained through an active continuing education program for all personnel directly involved with managing, both directly and indirectly, a client’s asset.


At Spotlight, we will ensure the timely and accurate flow of information of a plant’s activities.

Having visibility, measured hourly and reported daily, is critical in developing strategies that align commercial objectives and plant operations. At Spotlight Power we view daily settlements as more than a reporting function managed by the back office. We see settlements as a commercial responsibility of the energy manager, who can explain the settlement details and develop strategies based on the information to maximize all available revenue opportunities.

Analyzing settlements data and providing detailed reports on that analysis is a critical commercial function that can uncover errors in ISO settlements, and more importantly, the profitability of the asset’s dispatches.

In the normal course of Spotlight’s EMA services, our clients will receive market reports highlighting all the relevant market fundamentals in addition to plant specific market color to ensure the appropriate daily strategy is employed.

At Spotlight we recognize that certain ad hoc reporting will always be needed to assess and determine performance metrics and strategy development, which Spotlight as a partner will always endeavor to provide.


Spotlight endeavors to be a liquidity provider for our customers within our Energy Management platform and support the hedging needs of our customers in the spot and near-term markets.

We see Spotlight as a fit to provide needed liquidity and a partner in “filling in the gaps” of our customer’s hedging programs. We appreciate that this is a critical need for managing open margin, merchant exposure and will work with each our customers in being that reach into the market.